August 2018 ยท 2 minute read

There are some locations that simply do not have restroom facilities. Other locations experience large events during the year and need additional restrooms at their events. Restroom trailers can be brought in to supplement existing facilities or stand alone to ensure guests have a restroom nearby.

Restroom trailers are often seen at events such as concerts, festivals and carnivals. They can be transported to any location regardless of whether there is a source of power/water. Water is supplied to the trailers before they leave the storage yard or on site by the customer. Power can be supplied by batteries or an on board generator. Power/water connections are available should these utilities be available where the trailers are being used.

When you enter one of these trailers, you are going to think that you are in a traditional restroom. There is not a lot different from traditional bathrooms. There are sinks, toilets, stalls and urinals. Running water works throughout the trailer and power is supplied to the lights. Some restroom trailers also can be customized to what a customer desires. Both male and female restrooms can be included on the same trailer or the trailer can be a single gender facility only.

Many restrooms that are on trailers have tile floors, skylights and piped in music. These creature comforts make the restroom seem even more normal to a user who might consider otherwise. Our Website of these trailers flush and return clean water to the bowels. Some of the trailers offer great features such as a family restroom. This is a restroom that includes a toilet, sink and baby changing table. Events where there may be a large number of young children love restroom trailers that have baby changing tables.

Other features that are becoming more and more common in portable restroom trailers are showers, winterized heating and decorative elements. Showers are a great feature to add if an event will offer camping. Showers require a water source be used but a shower in a trailer can make your guests much happier. Some events that restroom trailers have been used at in the past cause the pipes of older trailers to freeze. Luckily, trailers are now being fitted with winterized piping and climate control to ensure user comfort in any season. Decorative elements such as wood floors and art are becoming much more common in restroom trailers than they were before.