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The Supplemental Security Income program of the national government is surely an important tool in relieving the suffering of these poor people who are greatly in need of financial support. This particular program aims to help those disabled, blind or 65 yrs. Old above people with insufficient resources and earnings.

How to apply

You might also personally see their office everywhere you find it comfortable but you may need to wait for your turn to be assisted by their personnel. You will then be asked to complete an application form and to submit it together with these documents depending on your case:

Social Security Card or amount
Birth certificate or any legal documents which will prove your age

Proofs of income such as payrolls, most recent tax returns.
Proofs of resources for example the bank statement of accounts, deeds of your properties aside from the house you currently reside, insurance policies, burial contracts, stocks, bonds along with your vehicle registration
Proof of living arrangements
Medical records including the names, addresses and contact info of your attending doctors
Employment record
It is important to bring original copies of these records for verification. The SSA will return the copies after determining its authenticity. Udyog Aadhar Certificate will not accept photocopied documents.

When to apply

It’s very much advisable to apply immediately after you have determined your qualification for SSI for you not to lose your gains. The SSA will not reimburse any payments for such periods earlier than the date of your real program. You also ought to know that your application would not be charged.

The SSA’s obligation

As the mandated government service to handle the SSI application, the SSA has the duty to help you regarding the following activities:

Completing your application forms based on the info that you would impart them
Gather the required documents in case you don’t have them or you’re having any problems in acquiring them
Pay for your medical examination in the event that you do not have money to pay for it (applicable for disabled or blind claimants)
Your right to representation
The legislation undoubtedly allows you to employ the help of an experienced Social Security lawyer or agent to handle your SSI claim. This is quite much favorable particularly for those who do not have a lot of time to spend in handling their cases or individuals who can hardly understand the procedures in filing.