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What are the Top tiles for Your House?

Clearly there are lots of manufacturers of tiles out there which have nice packaging with pretty images, but from what I have found from personal experience is that there’s nothing that comes close to the Mona Lisa brand.

Is not that the very same with any other kind of tile you inquire? No. Although a lot of tile manufacturers do claim a measure of quality, they’re much more expensive than Mona Lisa tiles. Fundamentally, with Mona Lisa you are receiving a top quality tile to get a fraction of what you’d pay for a boutique brandnew.

tile company india will see though, that Mona Lisa tiles are manufactured in China - not Europe. Having said this, most things today (including designer tag items) are manufactured from China now. Does this mean that these tiles aren’t as excellent as their European competitions? This is since the Mona Lisa mill uses the most recent equipment shipped in straight from Italy. This is something which many other major tile manufacturers in China don’t do since they are delighted with the exact same old machines they have been using for the past twenty years! Because of this commitment to quality, Mona Lisa tiles aren’t plagued with all the defects inherent in other tile manufacturers such as, warping, black spots, time-wear, water retention, staining, colour and pattern inconsistencies, and other significant issues. Some people today believe that by paying more for a pretty picture they are receiving a better tile nothing could be farther away from the truth. Another reason to go for Mona Lisa tiles is they are one of the only manufacturers of Porcelain Panel - truly incredible things if you ever get the opportunity to see it.

What type of cost difference are we considering? When some brands sell for $100 m2 to $200 m2, or a great deal more, Mona Lisa new tiles are priced generally from $10 m2! Hard to believe? Just check out the Tile Factory Outlet online catalogue and you’ll see yourself.

If you’re in Australia and interested in buying tiles, you will find 3 tile companies in that offer the best deals on tiles for small-end to top-end consumers.

Tile Factory Outlet: You may go to their site at Tile Factory Outlet won the cost war hands down, with always having the cheapest porcelain tiles. Not only that, they are among the sole distributors of Mona Lisa porcelain tiles Australia-wide. They claim to market tiles at auction prices - and they do really. They are one of the only tile businesses in the world which have a completely integrated online store that links straight to the things they have in stock and the online interface is upgraded in real time in conjunction with earnings from their shop.

When you walk into their showroom, you’ll get the feel of walking into any significant outlet store with samples piled on top of pallets of tiles ready to be shipped out. Tile Factory Outlet sell more tiles in one month than most stores sell in a season - only because of their incredible prices.

Tiles to Move: You can see their site in Tiles to go market Mona Lisa tiles along with a range of different brands. Their head office is in North Mead, Sydney, and they deal hand-in-hand with contractors and architect companies. Whilst Tile Factory Outlet concentrates on selling great tiles at affordable prices, Tiles To Move focus more on the customer for a individual who has particular tastes and desires.

After you walk into their shop, you will immediately receive comprehensive support to assist you find the plan you need, how you want it, and how to make it a fact. The best part is the fact that Tiles to Go still provide their range of tiles at exceptional prices. True to their name, Tiles To Go can offer this fantastic service and pricing without taking up a lot of your time. “Tiles to Go. For all those on the go. At prices to proceed!”